Black Diamond Slate
Slate Type
Black Diamond
Dover Black
Black Diamond Blue Black Slate
Vermont Clear Black
Vermont Black
Georgetown Gray
Vermont Gray
Augusta Green
Vermont Unfading Green
Semi-Weathering Gray Green
Vermont Royal Purple
Vermont Mottled Purple
Vermont Variegated Purple
New York Red
Slate Blends
Slate Blends

Welcome to Black Diamond Slate™
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Black Diamond Slate can provide your family with
Installed in Virginia for $7 to $10 per square foot.
Labor and materials included.

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     Black Diamond Slate has supplied numerous slate roofing projects in Virginia. Founded in Atlanta in 1986 and relocated to Savannah in 2002, we are the premier supplier of slate roofing tiles in Georgia and the Southeast. Over the years, we have developed relationships with some of the finest slate roofing contractors the area and can work with you to provide the highest quality turn-key slate roof at the best price available.

     We supply a complete line of domestic and imported slate roofing tiles in unfading and weathering colors. Our colors include blacks, grays, greens purples and reds. Tour our website at for all the information you need to pick a roof of distinction that will last a lifetime

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